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Don't rely on just anybody to manage your parking - trust a professional. U-Park System has been providing parking management services since 1956. We operate over 100 properties in the Pacific Northwest. Property owners and managers choose U-Park System because they've seen the difference we can make.

Since 1956, Thrifty Park Inc. DBA U-Park System has built a reputation and business by keeping our commitments and exceeding our landlord's expectations. What gives us our edge over the competition? Simply put, we are a hands on family owned and operated firm whose focus is strictly on the Pacific Northwest. We believe our use of family members in essential corporate positions, allows our Firm to be more responsive to the needs of our landlords, and the properties we manage. Consequently, our landlords do not confront the bureaucracy associated with other parking companies. For example, with many other parking companies you will make your deal with a corporate representative, who may or may not service your account after the deal is made, may not have any long-term financial interest in their company and quite possibly might change jobs during the life of your contract. Contrast that with our family managed and operated firm who's only focus is on the Pacific Northwest, whose Corporate Management Team, made up of family members, is stable and can make decisions instantly and whose success depends on the performance of properties we manage in the Pacific Northwest.

If you think your parking should be more profitable - call us. If you think you should be getting better service from your parking manager, call our Seattle Office. We'll visit your site and listen to what you have to say. Then we'll carry out an operational audit of your parking facility and describe how we can offer better service, better revenues and happier customers.

A Checklist:

  • Do the attendants in your parking lot greet customers with a "good morning" and a smile? Are they dressed in clean, professional uniforms?
  • Does your parking company offer audited financial statements and a rigorous revenue security system to ensure that your earnings are accurately collected and remitted?
  • Is your parking company committed to the local economy or are they shipping their profits out of town or out of country?
  • Does your parking manager work on new marketing initiatives, completely answers your questions and ask if you're satisfied?

If you're looking for a parking manager who will work hard to make you more money, call Shawn Potts @ 206-284-9797.