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Our Customer Service
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Our Customer Service

U-Park System prides itself on the extra services we provide. We understand that our employees are often the first to greet your tenants and the last to bid them "good day." Our actions reflect directly on the management of the property. With that in mind, we have extensive policies in place that ensure good customer service and a pleasant transaction between the customer and our employees. What your tenants will notice most are the programs that go above and beyond ordinary parking management service. The following is a sampling of programs that U-Park System currently implements at attended surface parking locations and garages:

Customer Service Training Philosophies and Techniques
Upon hiring, each employee is assigned an experienced trainer and trained for a period of up to two weeks. This gives the employee a well-rounded, solid understanding of the high quality of work expected of them, and of the varied types of duties and responsibilities involved.

Methods of Measuring Quality of Service
U-Park System recognizes that our employees are the first and last contact with many patients, employees, and visitors. For this reason, we have numerous programs to ensure good customer service. We understand that our parking attendants and other staff will reflect directly upon the experience and impression left with visitors, tenants, and guests.

U-Park System measures the quality of our service by listening to our customers. We will maintain ongoing communication with Owners and Property Management and will continually solicit verbal and written feedback; so that we may gauge the quality of service we provide and refine it as necessary.

Following are brief descriptions of how U-Park System measures the quality of service we provide our customers:

Customer Service Audits
Excellence in customer service is achieved by maintaining the principals stressed during the initial training of our employees, as well as on an ongoing basis. We believe that good customer service is achieved not only by selection of quality employees and thorough training, but also through constant monitoring and coaching. U-Park System employs a number of progressive tools to ensure that customer service is maintained at an exceptional level on an ongoing basis.

Phone Etiquette Audits
In addition to physically visiting a location, U-Park System conducts secret phone inquiries to evaluate employee's telephone customer service. Such audits are performed regularly because telephone etiquette is a major component of overall customer service performance. Reports of telephone customer service are shared with employees to reinforce good customer service.

Complaint Resolution
U-Park System takes pride in the fact that we treat every customer complaint very seriously. Due to the large volume of customers we serve, occasionally misunderstandings do occur. If a customer is unhappy, we want to know about it and take steps to remedy the situation immediately. Complaints are followed up in writing or with a telephone call. The General Manager handles the majority of these situations when they occur. Our ultimate goal is to see that the customer is satisfied!